Soap and Floss Can Save An Aorta or Your Life

Rajablogg.COM - Things we take for granted, like personal hygiene, can literally save your heart and aorta from inflammation, dissection and help you avoid an Infective Endocarditis (IE) incident such as the one I ended up with.
Soap and Floss Can Save An Aorta or Your Life
Personal Hygiene and Marfan Syndrome - very important for heart health
Inflammation can cause vascular damage in anyone, but especially in those of us with connective tissue disorders like Marfan Syndrome.

Skin infections can quickly reach the heart through a cut or scrape.  Once the cardiovascular system becomes infected and inflamed, this condition can produce deadly results.

Infective endocarditis is especially dangerous for those with prosthetic heart devices such as the mechanical aortic valve in my heart and the Dacron graft across my ascending aorta.

One of the first things I remember after waking up from my first open heart surgery was throwing up all over my freshly sutured and sealed chest incisions.  Barfing never felt so good I thought as I lay in the hospital cardiac ICU bed.  Volumes of fluid erupted out of my mouth and across my chest and I did not care.  It felt so good to empty my stomach of all the slosh.

I vaguely remember Judy shouting to the ICU nurses who practically ignored her calls for help.  She ended up cleaning the vomit herself for the most part.  My vision whirled for a second then I passed back into the land of post-operative deep sleep.

Ten days or so later I made it home (to our now Palm Coast home) with my new bionic heart parts and met our home health care nurse, Ted Rhodes, RN who always says RN stands for 'writes notes'.

Within a matter of days Ted worriedly sent Judy and I back to doctor's office in Jacksonville.  My chest was turning a bright red above the heart incision.  The nurse practitioner pressed hard down on my chest sore now swelling in size, prescribed an oral antibiotic and sent me home with instructions to come back if the boo boo worsened.

Have you ever had a Physician's Assistant take a scalpel to your chest without painkiller?  It hurts!  But the PA felt like he had to get the infection out immediately.  So he pushed me back on the table and cut.  Judy was gasping in the corner of the room at the site of her husband (me) being manhandled on the exam table, cut and sliced without anesthesia.  Puss and blood of course was everywhere.

To make a long story short, the entire episode of madness lasted for over four months from a reopening of my sternum, pressure washing the green goop from around my heart and Dacron graft, installation of a picc line for daily IV treatment with some of the nastiest antifungal and antibacterial drugs I've ever had.  There were wound vacs taped to my chest and heparin hypos everywhere. I still worry each time I run a slight temperature.

Bless Judy for the many times she was sprayed with the stuff trying to purge a line or add a bag of solution at one am.  I believe she still suffers collateral damage even today from exposure to the IV liquids.

An array of doctors and lab techs poked, pulled, prodded and took so many samples but they never figured out what the green slime around my heart was.  Everything was negative with respect to bacteria.  Infectious disease doctors finally blamed an unknown fungus. 

I know what it was.  It was an infection and it was trying to eat me.

So I am here to say, pay attention to personal hygiene, use lots of soap and floss.

Even the American Heart Association and other health groups have been emphasizing personal skin and mouth care lately.  As the use of antibiotics has been backed away from as a favorite for many procedures, to the contrary cleanliness has remained at the top of every list for preventing IE.

In fact some medical literature says personal hygiene is very, very important.

Legs, ankles and feet are more difficult to reach and scrub during a shower.  But pay attention to all the appendages.  Clean between toes and under nails.  Use a back scrubber and reach behind those ears.

Our bodies usually have staph and strepto populations growing across our skin.  But a cut or scrape can allow those germs to enter our bloodstream and reach our heart.  The bad guys are especially attracted to prosthetic implanted devices like mechanical valves or Dacron grafts.

Let me tell you from experience, you do not want infective endocarditis.  Besides the high mortality rates associated with IE, recovery will take a year or so out of your life.

An aorta free from inflammation caused by infection may also be less prone to dissect or develop an aneurysm.

So grab the soap and scrub and scrub and scrub.

No more going to bed at the end of a long, hard day without a shower and scrub. Never again.  Brush and floss too.

Your heart and your partner will thank you.

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Lowongan Kerja PT Aje Indonesia ( Big Colla)

Operator Produksi
Logo : PT Aje Indonesia ( Big Colla)

Lowongan Kerja PT Aje Indonesia ( Big Colla) - PT. AJE Indonesia (Big Cola) sebagai perusahaan produsen minuman soda berkarbonasi. Big Cola saat ini Sedang membuka  Lowongan Kerja Untuk Posisi :
  • Operator Produksi
  • Staff gudang
  • Staff Admin

Penempatan Kerja :
  1. Cikarang ,Jawa barat
  2. Tangerang , Banten

Persyaratan :
  • Pria usia maks. 25th
  • Wanita Usia Maks. 23th
  • Min. Pendidikan SMA/K Semua Jurusan (OP) , D3-S1 semua jurusan
  • Pengalaman dan Non Pengalaman
  • Berkelakuan baik dan Teliti
  • Energic, loyal, motivasi tinggi, baik komunikasi
  • Ijazah yang belum keluar bisa menyusul

Cara Melamar :
Jika sobat loker yang berminat dengan  Lowongan Kerja PT Aje Indonesia ( Big Colla) ini, silahkan Kirim lamaran anda via POS ke :

PT. AJE Indonesia (Big Cola)
Jl. Damar Blok F1A Lippo Cikarang,
Delta Sillicon II Industrial Park, Bekasi

NB:Penerimaan CV/lamaran sampai batas waktu kuota sudah terpenuhi

Anda sedang membaca Loker Khusus Operator Produksi dari Jika Info ini Bermanfaat anda dapat membagikannya ke rekan-rekan anda semua melalui sosial media dibawah ini.

Iklan Loker Bekasi PT. Ohsung Electronics Indonesia

Iklan Loker Bekasi PT.Ohsung Electronics Indonesia
Iklan Loker Bekasi PT. Ohsung Electronics Indonesia
IKLAN LOKER | PT.Ohsung Electronics Indonesia adalah perusahaan komponen elektronik pada tahun 1965, didirikan Gumi pabrik pada tahun 1975 untuk tumbuh menjadi pemimpin global dengan memimpin ekspansi pasar dunia melalui inovasi teknologi yang konsisten dan jaringan global dan kami telah memimpin kehidupan dan nilai kehidupan peningkatan nyaman melalui sistem otomasi rumah .

Di daerah LCD, kami capai kualitas tinggi dan struktur biaya rendah untuk mencapai kepuasan pelanggan. Hal ini dimungkinkan oleh dukungan dari pelanggan yang mengakui gairah dan usaha eksekutif dan staf dengan pola pikir yang menyediakan produk dan layanan terbaik kepada masyarakat berdasarkan bakat dan teknologi.

Jaring Departemen Bisnis didirikan pada bulan April 1974 bersama dengan selesainya pabrik Gumi. Dengan kemampuan fasilitas dan produksi terbesar, mencapai seratus juta remote kontrol diproduksi pada bulan Juni 1999 dan pada tahun 2005, akumulasi produksi Departemen Bisnis domestik dan internasional telah mencapai tiga ratus juta remote controller.

Juga, dalam kualitas produk, kami memperoleh ISO9001 pada tahun 1996 dan ISO / TS16949: 2009 pada tahun 2009 untuk mendirikan sebuah sistem kualitas produk yang ketat, pada tahun 2011, kami membuat lini produksi dari remote kontrol ke dalam kamar bersih pertama di Korea untuk meningkatkan kualitas produk.

HomeNet Research Center, yang didirikan pada tahun 1993, telah mengembangkan 50 produk baru setiap tahun dengan 100 personil penelitian dan mengembangkan 900 model per tahun untuk berkontribusi pada pembangunan berkelanjutan dengan memperoleh respon yang cepat terhadap produk pelanggan inginkan dan daya saing biaya produksi produk.
Untuk memenuhi visi misi kami kembali membuka kesempatan untuk kalian yang ingin bergabung bersama Tim kami untuk Posisi sebagai berikut.

Posisi :
  • Operator Produksi
  • Staff Office

Dengan kualifikasi :
  • Pria dan Wanita max. 21th
  • TB min. Pria 160 dan Wanita 150cm
  • BB min. Pria 50 dan Wanita 40kg
  • Belum menikah
  • Lulusan sma/smk
  • Sehat jasmani & rohani
  • Siap kerja shift

Cara Melamar :
Bagi Anda yang berminat dan memenuhi kualifikasi diatas, Silahkan kirimkan surat lamaran anda via pos ke alamat dibawah ini :

Kawasan Industri MM2100, Jalan Selayar Blok D7
Desa Mekarwangi, Cikarang Barat - Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17520

Lowongan Kerja Via Pos Untuk Tamatan Sma PT Indonesia Kyouei Saikyu Di Karawang

Lowongan Kerja Via Pos Untuk Tamatan Sma PT Indonesia Kyouei Saikyu Di Karawang
Lowongan Kerja - PT Indonesia Kyouei Saikyu Di Karawang
INFO LOKER | PT. Indonesia Kyouei Saikyu adalah sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak di Bidang otomotif asal jepang yang di dirikan pada bulan maret 2012 di kawasan industri KIIC Karawang, Perusahaan penanaman modal asing asal jepang ini di dirkan diatas lahan seluas 4,432.13 m2. Saat ini PT Indonesia Kyouei Saikyu sedang membuka lowongan kerja untu bagian operator.

Lowongan Kerja PT Indonesia Kyouei Saikyu

Bagian : Operator Mesin Produksi

Persyaratan lowongan kerja :
  1. Usia maksimal 23 tahun
  2. Daftar riwayat hidup (tulis tangan)
  3. Foto copy ijazah terakhir
  4. Foto copy KTP
  5. Foto copy SKCK
  6. Foto copy kartu pencari kerja (depnaker)
  7. Foto copy surat sehat dari dokter
  8. Foto copy surat pengalaman kerja (bila ada)
  9. Pas foto ukuran 4X6 = 2 lembar
  10. Surat ijin dari orang tua

Cara Melamar :
Jika anda para sahabat INFO LOKER berminat dan tentunya memenuhi kualifikasi dan persyaratan lowongan kerja sma smk PT. Indonesia Kyouei Saikyu dan memenuhi persyaratan lowongan kerja operator di atas silahkan kirim lamaran lengkap via pos ke alamat PT Indonesia Kyouei Saikyu dibawah ini :

PT Indonesia Kyouei Saikyu
Jl. Harapan I Lot KK-2C
Kawasan Industri KIIC Sirnabaya
Teluk Jambe Timur Karawang – Jawa Barat 41361

Besar harapan kami sahabat INFO LOKER dapat memiliki pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan minat dan harapan Anda, jika informasi lowongan pekerjaan diatas dan Lowongan Kerja Terbaru terkait lainnya bermanfaat kami mohon dukungan dari Anda untuk dapat menyebarkan informasi lowongan pekerjaan ini melalui tombol MEDIA SOSIAL seperti  GOOGLE+, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, dan  LINKEDIN yang ada di bawah agar informasi ini tersebar luas dan dapat diketahui oleh orang-orang yang membutuhkan info lowongan pekerjaan.

Coumadin Lifestyle, Bruising and Bleeding with Marfan Syndrome

Bruising and Bleeding with Coumadin
Rajablogg.COM - Coumadin, is just a dreaded anti-clotting drug that just needs to be understood (yeah, right!).

Even though I've been taking Coumadin for twenty one months now there are times when life's normal activities appear to be doable, but wishful illusion quickly fades away with bruises, bleeding and orange skin.

The other day Ruairi and I replaced spark plugs and wires in the car.  Leaning over the motor I braced myself with my right arm, something I'd done many times before during my pre-Coumadin life era.

Three days later I still have a large and quite painful arm bruise, many other small bruises and lots of nicks and cuts scabbing over.  So predictably, I have to periodically remind myself, 'therapeutic Coumadin life has its own set of requirements that must be adhered to or there will be painful consequences'.

I think I can do something I used to be able to do.  Nope.  Not anymore.

So score another for the great drug that keeps me alive, keeps blood clots from forming around my St. Jude mechanical heart valve but also is responsible for all the nasty little
side effects.

And it helps me to go back and re-read this post about Coumadin from time to time because I quickly forget what the drug actually does to keep me alive and of her side affects.  So here is my Coumadin post...


It happened again.  Out of nowhere comes a slow steady dripping, bright red blotches Jackson Pollock style across the open book page, table or as it was with yesterday's event, all over the shiny white bumper of the Lincoln.  The unmistakeable metallic scent of fresh blood fills my nose but as usual there is no pain, no twinge of a prick or sting of a slicing cut.  The ever increasing amount of afternoon sun brilliant, lipstick red blood splatter now has my explicit attention.

Warfarin and St. Jude Aortic Valve #Marfan
After being on warfarin, also known as Coumadin, Jantoven, Marevan, Lawarin and other brand names, for going on a couple years I now know and am familiar with the whole drippy routine.

First task is to find the source of the flowing blood.  Usually the best places to look are the toes, feet, fingers or head, depending upon where one is in the house or yard at the time the red splots start appearing.  Chances are if I am in the kitchen then the blood will be forehead presenting and a sharp cornered cabinet door probably open.  Yet kitchens too are notoriously awful places for the feet if the teens are in a hurry sweeping up glass shards of an accidentally dropped ceramic mug.

However if I am in the yard, I can expect the red alert will be the result of a garden utensil hiding in the grassy paths.

Blood in the bathroom is primarily indicative of a head wound from the shower door frame and so forth and so on.

The key to this entire blood thinner/anti-coagulant lifestyle is to find the cut or poke quickly, before you loose a quart of life's thirst quencher.  So yesterday when the red blotches started covering the rear bumper of the Lincoln I headed for the bathroom sink, mirror, hydrogen peroxide and band aids.

A big mirror will usually tell you right away about the blood's origin without an unnerving shriek the teens or my spouse usually emit as I walk by covered in red.

Laughingly I can honestly say, life on anti-coagulants is not really as bad as it sounds.  When I first started taking Coumadin I heard all kind of negative or bad comments like 'OMG!" and 'I can't believe you have to be on that horrible drug the rest of your life!'.  Other words of encouragement included statements like 'my mother's skin turned bright orange!' or 'my Uncle bled out before' and (really heard this one) 'Shit!  That stuff is rat poison!'.  Even a TEDx talk I watched about aortic aneurysms decried the blood anti-coagulant I was taking.

Understandably, Coumadin and I had a not too happy introduction.

But perception can be quickly changed once one acquires hands on experience.

Yes, it is true Coumadin, the anti-coagulant I was and still am taking, is used as rat poison.  However the more I researched this plant-based miracle drug, the less uncomfortable I became.

Don't get me wrong.  I  wish I never had to take any of the many medications I have to take.  But in reality the Coumadin scare was mostly hype.

Warfarin allows my St Jude device to function without clotting

Again, please don't get me wrong.  I am sure some people have bled and coded out from the drug's use, but a quick meal of fresh garden collard greens or broccoli should stop any bleeding as vitamin K is the antidote for Coumadin overdoses.  I am also sure that there are some Coumadin taking bright orange people walking around out there too.

But what was really interesting was finding out why Coumadin is used as a rat poison and the history behind the drug's discovery!

Back at the beginning of the twentieth century there were incidences of cattle dying after being castrated or dehorned, bleeding to death, their bodies unable to develop and implement the normal clotting and healing process.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, including Karl Link and clinics suspected that there was something in the cattle's diet was responsible for their inability to clot when wounded and bleeding.

Studies showed that there was a compound in the fermented clover the bulls were ingesting which interfered with prothrombin, the substance responsible for clotting action.  Further tests isolated a coumarin compound called dicoumarol.  Interestingly, though the clover produced the basic coumarins it was the fungi responsible for the moldy clover that actually converted the coumarins into the dicoumarol.

Without a medical use apparent, scientists and industry looked at and began using the dicoumarols as rodent poison.  When the rats ate the drug they bled out.  The substance interferes with vitamin K metabolism and as we know, vitamin K is essential for our blood clotting process.

One of the first human applications was Dwight Eisenhower when he was provided the drug after a heart attack in 1955.

Coumadin's other name, Warfarin, is actually derived from a combination of the words found in the phrase 'Wisconsin Alumni Research Facility' and the word 'coumadin'.

Coumadin or Warfarin is important to me and many others because the anti-clotting effects allow for foreign objects in our body to function with reduced risk for the potential of blood clot formation.  For me this means warfarin allows my St. Jude aortic valve to open and close for many years without sticking due to clot formation (that could be fatal).  Disconcertingly though, data shows that Warfarin use has its risks and mortality due to hemorrhaging does occur.

Yet to date my bleeding has been manageable.

I do wear a bike helmet when cycling and always take a cautious approach when participating in activities with potential for serious trauma, carrying a variety of tape, band aids and antibiotic ointments in my backpack.  Backpack and band aids go where I go, be it for a short walk or trip to the store or even over to a relative's house.

Checking my PT/INR is easy.  INR stands for 'international normal ratio' and PT is 'prothrombin time' and both are used to calculate the body's clotting time efficiency.  Usually I will ask my daughter or wife to take me to the neighborhood medical laboratory, about a mile away for my once a month PT / INR test.  The lab sends the results to my primary care doctor who reviews the results and then either adjusts my dosage or says 'all looks good' and I wait until next month for another test.

I take on average about 5 mg Coumadin each day.

And I've learned to type on the IPad with a band aid or two on my fingers, though this feat is not an easy one to become accustomed to.

Rest assured, I am not super excited about being on anti-coagulants for the rest of my life.  Yet Coumadin is not as bad as I first imagined.

I am super happy the obnoxiously loud St. Jude aortic valve in my chest is still working as designed, and appreciative that Coumadin helps keep the device from clogging up with fibrous clot material.

And the frequent red splots don't surprise me now as much as they once did.  Thank goodness for fermented cover.

Living with an Aortic Dissection & Marfan Syndrome

Living with an Aortic Dissection & Marfan SyndromeRajablogg.COM - I experienced a 'root to foot' aortic dissection on November 30th, 2011.

Though I received a St. Jude's Aortic Valve and Dacron aorta, my descending aorta is still dissected from the graft down to my feet.

Its been just over one year now and I am still alive.  Challenges arise everyday though.

One of my most significant areas of frustration has been the lack of available information concerning  the dissection, my medications, available treatments, steps I can take to improve the condition, 'mysterious pains', 'what-if's' and so much more.

Granted, the National Marfan Foundation (NMF) is a great place to start yet my particular significant issue is the dissection.  NMF provides a good deal of information regarding aortic dissections but does not address many questions I have had over the past thirteen months.

Living in Florida, I've joined the Florida Marfan Support Network on Facebook, and subsequently been blessed with meeting many others encountering similar issues there.

Moreover,I've even began my own Facebook Marfan page!

And I've been wanting to start a weekly Aortic Dissection blog, so getting a jump start on the New Year's resolutions, here goes.  Look for my thoughts of living with a metal valve, Dacron aorta, Marfan and most importantly a dissected descending aorta that could aneuryize any day.

With a wonderful wife, grown children, two teens and grandchildren I want to stay alive as long as possible.

Whether you are experiencing an aortic dissection for the first time or a veteran of the disease, your thoughts and comments are also welcome.

Lowongan Kerja Operator Produksi PT Kao Indonesia

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Bersama PT. Rodamas, Kao Corporation terus berusaha memasyarakatkan cara hidup yang lebih bersih, lebih cantik dan lebih sehat. Pada tahun 1990, dibentuklah PT. Dinokao Indonesia. Sebagai pemasar produk-produk PT. Dino Indonesia Industrial Ltd. Kemudian di awal tahun 1997, PT. Dino Indonesia Industrial Ltd., bergabung dengan PT. Dinokao Indonesia menjadi PT KAO Indonesia.

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Info PT Holistic Indonesia

Your Body Is The Best Doctor
Health is the most expensive wealth that is priceless and the most expected by everyone in this world. Today it is very difficult to find a real healthy man. Today we live in a modern world with sophisticated medical technology and research. This 21st century era where the number of Hospitals and Medical Services are increasing, the more sophisticated drugs are produced, more researches are done, the number of docters also increasing every year. Each year there are approximately 15,000 new docters graduated in Indonesia alone.

Ironically, this so called advance technology in evidence base medicine could not answer and could not improve the quality of the world public health. Our immunity is getting dull (weaker) and epidemic is everywhere. Now every body in the world is sick. We live in a sick modern world.

Husen Ahmad MD, Ph.D., the founder of Indonesian Holistic Tourist Hospital, in 1993 returned to Indonesia after more than 12 years of learning in many countries, with multidisciplines of knowledge in medical science. He start his Holistic Hospital in Purwakarta, West Java - Indonesia.

With his outstanding knowledge and experience in many countries, Husen Ahmad, MD, Ph.D. able to integrate and combine many various of Medicines (Conventional Medicines and Eastern Medicines / Complimentry Medicines) that emphasize to Nutrition Holistic Organic Food Therapy as the main medicine in his hospital. Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit is the goal.

In 1994, he established a Medical Rehabilitation Centre with the concept of tourist Hospital with the name INDONESIAN HOLISTIC TOURIST HOSPITAL (IHTH) on an area of 30 hectares (300,000 m2), located in Purwakarta city, West Java Province - Indonesia.

IHTH is the first and only resort hospital that supported by an exotic beauty of the natural surrounding environments and padi plantation with fresh air from the mountain and greenery, free of pollution, making Indonesian Holistic Tourist Hospital unique and comfortable to everybody.

RESTAURANT KAMPOENG ORGANIC is to facilitate the patient's family and all employees of the Holistic Hospital have food, drinks and a variety of healthy organic menus.

To fulfill the natural medicines of the patient, HOLISTIC BIO MEDICINE factory produce various standard natural medicines (Fitofarmaka), Nutritional Medicines, Homoeophatic Medicines, etc.

Synthetic chemical drugs are only given to certain diseases and only for emergency cases.

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